SYOGRA Portable Far Infrared massage bed, Model JMM-002

The second generation of our well-tried, portable Far Infrared Massage bed with Jade.

JMM 002

It offfers the same health benefits than the stationary model of the Thermasage Jade massage bed (JMB-004), while it has only a weight of around 25 kg.

JMM 002 in bag

The back part of the JMM-002 has a massageunit with 4 Jade rollers and one MuYu stone hemisphere in the middle. The ergonomic S-shaped rail is identically with the one used in the Thermal Jade massage bed while the length of the back part is 90 cm only.

The leg part emits Far Infrared Rays through the 30 integrated Jade plates and emits Negative Ions through another 30 integrated Tourmaline pads.

For transportation in house or for traveling you can fold the leg part to the back part and fix both together with the supplied strip, which acts also as the holder. For traveling you can then place the both parts in the supplied transportation bag which additionally protect the portable Far Infrared massage mat.

Content of Delivery:

- 1 x Back Unit with Jade massage sledge
(Lenght: approx. 90 cm, Width approx. 55 cm, Height approx. 12 cm)
- 1 x Leg Unit with Far Infrared Rays (Jade Pads) and Negative Ions (Tourmaline Pads)
and integrated transport box for the supplied equipment (Transformer, Handheld Device,
Remote Control and Connection Cable)
(Lenght: approx. 90 cm, Width approx. 55 cm, Height approx. 12 cm)
- 1 x Remote Control
- 1 x Handheld Device with 4 x Jade and 2 x MuYu hemispheres
- 1 x Transformer (Input 110-220 Volt, Output 36 Volt/3 A)
- 1 x Connection cable Back to Leg Unit

JMM-002 Overview

JMM 002

Optional Equipment:

JMM 002 Frame Drawing

- 1 x Rollable and reclinable, metal Frame
(approx. 16 kg)

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