Jade Thermal Massage & the Benefits for your Central Nerve System

Did you know that the most important of your entire body is your central nerve system ?

Your central nerve system – also known as the master system – is the made of your brain and your spinal cord and they control every single function in your entire body.
In fact your central nerval system is so important that it is totally encased in bones for it’s protection.

Starting at his top is your brain and the brain is the central processing unit of your body and it coordinates and commputes all the electronic signals which are send throughout your nerval system in your entire body.

So, from your brain electrical impulses or signals are send down your spinal cord and travel all the way to the base of your spine and Branching out of your spinal cord are this fine spread/thread like structures called spinal nerves and they exit between the vertebra of the spinal cord to supply all your muscles, cells and organs and from their the electrical impulses are sent back up to the brain in a feed back loop.

And at every level of your spine the exiting spinal nerves supplies specific muscles and organs for instance starting from your lower back these spinal structures supplies such as your legs, reproduction organs, bladder,. Kidney and intenstine.

As we move up to the spine to the upper back or therastic??

Spine the existing spinal nerves supplies such organs as your liver, stomach, heart and lungs.

Moving up further to your neck these nerves supplies such structures as your eyes, ears, throat and arms.

Now in a healthy spine your spinal bones or your vertebrae are in proper alignment and the cushioning and the shock absorbers between the vertebra called intervertebral discs are thick and healthy.

As such correct spinal movements is possible and the spinal nerves are freely able exit the spine sending nerve impulses from the brain to the targeted organs and muscles without any interference.

However from poor posture, falls, one-sided load, car accidents or other injuries your vertebra can become misaligned. This misalignment is what chiropractors call “Vertebral Subluxation Complex” or just “Subluxation”.

When a Subluxation occurs your vertebra can press on this existing spinal nerves and interfere and block this nerve impulses. When this happens nerve damage begins and your body starts to disfunction. Although potentially painless at first symptoms can develop rapidly and when a Subluxation is untreated the spine begins to decay , your discs begin to thin and wear down and your vertebra starts to deform and degenerate leading to the development of disperse or Osteophytes which stands for further compresses and damages your nerves.

So when the Subluxation occurs in your lower back it can cause back pain, Sciatica, Bladder weakness, irritable bowel syndrome and erectile disfunction.
A Subluxation in your upper back can cause respiratory problems, digestive problems and decreased energy levels.
And Subluxation in your neck can cause headache, Dizziness, Tinnitus, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Numbness, Tingling or weakness to one or both of your arms.

Fortunately a Jade Thermal Massage can help you !

The SYOGRA Thermal Jade massage bed will hepl to correct vertebral subluxations, through the techniques of Acupressure, Moxibustion, Heat Treatmanet & Massage
it will restore your proper spinal alignments, remove nerve interference and return your body to it’s optimal health.

And it is important to know – your body has the ability to heal itself ! So long there is no interference.

So having a healthy spine is not just about removing pain and symptoms but achieving your body’s optimal body health potential.

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