SYOGRA Jade Massage beds, Model JMB-004

The latest generation of SYOGRA Thermal Jade massage bed MODEL JMB-004 now with BrainRelax® Technology with light therapy for deeper and more efficient relaxation of body and soul.

Problems in the spinal column is a health problem which is very common and not only elder person will suffer on it. Market researches tell us that 80-90% of the adults in modern societies will be faced more or less serious back pain several times during the year. E.g. in America are around 20% of the adults are faced back pain for one month or longer.

A program of exercises, weight reduction (if necessary) as well as stretching and releasing of the back muscles are essential to to reduce and avoid back problems for the long term.

The solution for a healthy and flexible spine - SYOGRA Thermal Jade massage bed (Thermasage JMB-004)

Enjoy a relaxing massage with infrared heated JADE massage rollers along the spinal column, from the hip to the neck and along the calf and the quadriceps.

The automatic massage with the heated Jade rollers along the spinal column warm up and relieves the (back) muscles, sinews and body tissue and provides a wonderful, warm feeling at your back. With the supplied Infrared Handhelds and the optional Jade Heating Pad you can also enjoy an Far Infrared treatment at chest, belly, joints and/or legs.

For the perfect relaxation of body and mind you could listen to the SYOGRA BrainRelax® Relaxation sessions. Accompanied by natural sounds you dive into a state of wonderful recreation and improve your life-force. With the supplied BrainRelax® googles you can enjoy a light therapy with different colors which enhance the effects of the BrainRelax® sound sessions.

Totally 6 different massage programs and 4 different BrainRelax® sessions with 3 different colors are selectable. Additionally BrainRelax® sessions can be easily uploaded to the system.

With the model JMB-004 comes the option of a 5 Years Limited worldwide Warranty which shows our confidence in the quality of our products and give you the certainness that you can use them for many years.



SYOGRA Thermal Jade Massage bed model JMB-004 comes now with an extended worldwide warranty for all electronic parts.

JMB 004

Content of Delivery:
(The delivered equipment could be different in your country ! Please check for details the website of your local SYOGRA dealer)

1. Back massage unit with 4 x Jade and 2 x MuYu Stone Rollers 1.a) 
2. Leg massage unit with 4 x Jade and 2 x MuYu Stone Rollers 2.a) 
3. Remote Control with LCD display
4. Foldable Handhold Device with 8 x Jade and 4x MuYu hemispheres 
5. BrainRelax Headset
6. BrainRelax Eyeset for Light Therapy
7. Jade Heating Pad with external Transformer (optional)
8. SD Card with BrainRelax Session (without picture)
9. Wooden Frame with lift function
10. Protection Net (without picture)

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