SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointer

The alternative "house remedy" for the complete family....SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointer Set
...decrease pain in a natural way and support the self-healing power of your body.
CHI Pointer Overview

Dipl. Engineer Dirk Frauenheim, designed the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointer
- also called SYOGRA CHI Pointer - with the purpose to relieve his daughters aches caused by their fast growing.

At the time he produced the first samples, he quickly acknowledged that many others could also take advantage of the use of these magnetic pointers. The SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers are tried successfully hundreds of times at the members of his Health- and Fitness Club at the heart of the Black Forest in Schoenwald, Germany. They are also successfully proofed as an optimal complement treatment for the SYOGRA Thermal Jade massage beds.

The SYOGRA CHI Pointers combines techniques and mode of actions from Acupuncture, Acupressure and Magnet Therapy in one efficient, easy and simple to use product.

1. Acupuncture
Acupuncture Needles
An alternative treatment method - originated in China - where needles are used at special acupuncture points in the skin. The efficiency of acupuncture is proofed by several hundred years of experience. Clinical studies show the efficacy of acupuncture against pain caused by gonarthrosis (abrasion of the knee joints), against chronic low back pain and in the prevention of migraine attacks. In the above-mentioned complaints is the efficacy of acupuncture significantly higher than that of a conventional medicine treatment.

In the GERAC-studies (German Acupuncture Trials: 2002 - 2007) - which was the most extensive clinical study about Acupuncture till now - was shown that in the treatment of lower back pain over 47% of the treated patients had improvements while only around 27% of the patients treated with conventional, western medicine had similar positive results.

2. Acupressure
Even older than the Acupuncture is the Acupressure (a mix of "Acupuncture" and "Pressure") , in which the points with the help of the fingertips - or also with the help of tools - be pressed or massaged. Acupressure could also be called a non-invasive form of acupuncture. The treated "Acupoints" could be around the area which is targeted, but must not be. Experienced practitioners using points which lay along the Meridian paths.

Experts of the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believes that the stimulation of the “Acupoints” will support the body’s internal regulatory system and encourage a natural healing response.

3. Magnet therapy

This alternative treatment is using static magnetic fields to improve the blood flow in the human body. The blood protein which carries the oxygen in the arties is lightly diamagnetic when it is enriched by oxygen and paramagnetic when the oxygen was removed. Commonly this therapy is used with magnetic bracelets, straps or blankets.

"Magnetic therapy is a therapy proven over centuries of actual practice. Besides numerous success stories on the effectiveness of magnets as pain relievers, a number of scientific research studies have been conducted that support the efficacy of permanent magnets in treating pain. It has been shown, both in carefully controlled scientific experiments and in almost infinitely repeated personal experiences, that pain is reduced or eliminated through the application of magnets to a painful area. In comparison with other traditional treatments to improve the blood flow like ointment or a heating pad, magnetic fields are able to penetrate into the deeper tissue without causing any harm."

With thanks to Dr. Jörg Zittlau, Autor of the book: "Schmerzen lindern mit Magneten", Südwest Verlag.

With the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers (CHI Pointers) all these 3 ancient therapies are now combined in one new one !

Magnetopuncture: The alternative Therapy with the power of magnets!

CHI Pointer DetailThese days you can find a expanding number of people searching for different methods to prevent and cure various kinds of aches and pains.

They will consider natural options with the hope of obtaining rest from their particular problems without the negative side effects of traditional medicine and analgesic (painkillers).

The SYOGRA CHI Pointers are very easy to use. Simply place them – with a light pressure - around the areas that will cause pain: at elbow or knee joints, along your spinal cord, at the temples/eyebrows etc. In opposite to Acupuncture the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers do not penetrate the skin, the application tips are just placed with a slight pressure on the skin.

So they are very easy and harmless to use even at children.

Experienced users can place the application tips at the “Acupoints” along the Meridians, but this is NOT necessary. Most of the users will just place them around the targeted area, e.g. around the eye brows, temples etc. if the plagued by migraine or headache - around the frontside and backside of their knee if they suffer from knee problems or e.g. along they spinal cord if they plagued from back pain.

More information about "Magnetopuncture" with SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers !

Content of Delivery:

- 2 x pen-shaped mountings
- 4 x application tips (gold, silver) for "Acupunture" with approx. 1.200 Gauss
- 2 x massage tips (gold, silver) for "Acupressure" with approx. 1.200 Gauss
especially for massage and acupressure applications around the head area, for children and other more sensitive person
- 3 x multipurpose adapter for the combination of up to 4 tips for wider treatment area e.g. along the spinal cord
- 1 x Manual with sample applications

Genesen  Acutouch

Magnetopuncture (1)

German Patent Application:

CHI Pointer Patent

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