SYOGRA Bio Energy Booster

The SYOGRA Bio Energy Booster will help you to:

- relax your muscle tension at your COMPLETE BODY, especially at back, neck and trapezoids muscles where a
stiffed neck comes from.

While normal massager can only work partially with mechanical power our device will work simultaneously all over your body at the same time up to 1 meter from the application mat.

The massage work touch less BUT MOST EFFECTIVE !

It will reach all areas of your body which cannot be treated with any other device.

- It will help you to regenerate you if you are tired and powerless. Your inactive body cells will be activated and can have a better blood circulation.

- It will help you to improve your metabolic system, which is responsible to remove toxic elements from your body.

For the maximum benefit of use we recommend to drink enough water or unsweetened tea (at last one big cup) around 30 minutes before every session.

- The relaxing effect will appear around 1-2 hours after a session, while directly after the usage you can feel more powerful.

The Bio Energy Booster can be used every day as long as you feel comfortable. One session should be last between 20-40 minutes to gain the maximum effects.

Suitable if you suffer from:

- Stress, “Burn-Out” Effects

- Insomnia

- Problems with blood circulation, e.g. at foots and legs

- Hardened and stiffed muscles, even at places where normal massagers can not be active.

- Defecation problems caused by inactive digestive organs

How to use the Bio Energy Booster:

- Place your foots at the application mat while you sit on a wooden or plastic chair or sit or lay at the application mat while your foots are at an isolated place(stone plates, gummi mat, gummis shoes etc.).

- Select the time, mode, level and start the session (see at chapter “Function description”).

During the session you can read a book, look television or just try to relax.

You can also manually massage your legs while your foots are placed at the application mat or stretch your muscles at other places of your body.

Sensitive persons can feel a “prickling and tickling” feeling. But even if you have no special feeling (in the beginning) the effects will work.

To check that the device is working you can either let another person use the supplied energy indicator or you can hold the backside of your hand near a wall or a table. You will feel immediately the power waves with which you body is treated.

Use it in the morning or directly before any activity where you want to be activated (work, examin, sport etc.). A session 1 - 2 hours before you will go to bed will help you to fall in sleep easier and have a relaxed rest.

Content of Delivery:

- 1 x Bio Energy Booster Main Device
- 1 x Power Connector
- 2 x Application mat with Jade Plates
- 1 x Energy Indicator
- 1 x User Manual

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