SYOGRA Consulting GmbH, Germany

factory 13The brand name "SYOGRA" was registered first time in 1979 in Germany, the company SYOGRA Consulting GmbH exists in its current form since 1997.

The philosophy of SYOGRA founders - Mr. Dirk Frauenheim and Mrs. Petra Schön - is to combine Western health and wellness methods with the wisdom of traditional Asian healing methods.

In Asia different types of massages using jade have been used for decades in health protection, in particular in the home. So e.g. for our Thermal DSC 1723Jade massage beds we use high quality Jade and the very seldom and special MUYU Jade stone.

People's wellbeing and health are absolutely to the fore. So under the name of SYOGRA only effective and 100% tested products which have shown the benefits to the human body are brought to the market.

The SYOGRA JADE Thermasage Jade massage bed is a high-tech product from St. Georgen (Black Forest), Germany. The technology and the software have been developed by SYOGRA engineers together with German doctors working in the orthopedics and physiotherapy sectors.

jade factoryIn 2005 SYOGRA has started with his own production facilities in Wenzhou, China under the management and quality control of German engineers. Due to the increasing demand for the SYOGRA products the company decided to expand her capacity and moved to the city of Jintan/Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 2011. All SYOGRA products are now produced in the factory Jiangsu SYOGRA Health Care Products Co. Ltd.

Only high quality components are used for our products. Final assembly and inspection of the SYOGRA JADE Thermasage massage beds, along with delivery and customer care for all of European countries are handled from the company's own factory in St. Georgen (Black Forest).

The brand name "SYOGRA" is in the meantime well known in many countries worldwide. SYOGRA Consulting factory 7GmbH, Germany manages over 40 studios in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There are over 100 studios worldwide - e.g. in Spain, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Italy, England, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Israel, India and Morocco - which are managed by a licensed national SYOGRA partners.

You can easily find and recognize our licensed SYOGRA partners at "Where to find us" marked with the official logo:

SYOGRA licensed dealer

If you are interested to become a Licensed SYOGRA Partner for your country please feel free to contact us an click here.

Factory 500x283 Phase 1

Our new factory in Jintan, Changzhou. Beginning of scheduled construction work for "Phase 1" in 2013, estimated completion in 2014.

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